_saveit Reddit Downloader Bot

To download your reddit videos/gifs,please mention our bot (u/_saveit or u/indirbunu) in the comments of the post that you wanna download.Our bots will send you the link. Also you can use the commands below to set the quality or determine when the video will start and end and more!

NOTE:If you have issues with u/_saveit,please use u/indirbunu

Commands of our bots

Determines start of the downloaded video For example,if you used u/_saveit start:00:00:10, the downloaded video will start after the 10th second.

Determines end of the downloaded video. For example,if you used u/_saveit end:00:00:25, the video downloaded will end at the 25th second.

Determines quality of the downloaded video.Accepted values are "1080","720","480","360","240","220". Also you can add 'a' after the quality to download the video without the audio. For example,if you used u/_saveit quality:720a, the video downloaded will be at 720p quality and will not have audio.

Determines the speed of the downloaded video.For example,if you used u/_saveit speed:2.5 video's speed will be 2.5x
Also note it will take longer to prepare your video if you used speed:

Also you can use more than one command like u/_saveit start:00:00:10 end:00:00:25 quality:720a speed:2


"My download doesn't work"
You probably tried download a video/gif/photo from a third source that we do not support.(E.g RedGIFS,YouTube,Dailymotion).If that's not the case or the reasons given on the Error page,please contact me.
"How do i use it?"
Look up.
"What are the commands?
Look up.
"What to do if video doesn't download but plays instead?"
If you are on mobile, tap and hold the video until download option pops up. On desktop, right-click on the video and select Save Link as option.
"Downloaded reddit video has no sound, why?"
Some reddit videos have no sound or it might be an animated gif or you maybe used a 'no audio' link.
"Where are the files I downloaded on my device?"
All downloaded videos are stored in your device's default download folder.


If you have a problem or a suggestion,don't hesitate to contact me.
Email: [email protected]
Reddit: u/engineergaming_
Github: andmydignity (also the source code is here!)

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